Jank: Music Obsession

Does teenage angst ever go away? Does "hipster" taste ever dull? Even at 25, I find myself looking for bands no one has ever heard of to have that satisfyingly smug feeling of they were my band, first. Why is that feeling so addictive?

This past summer I found Jank, thanks to my brother. Jank encompasses all of the pouty, miserable hormones I had as a teenager. Now at 25, with a 9-5 and closet full of chinos and blouses, it feels good to tap back into those feelings.

Around July or August, I launched my Spotify and found that Jank had removed all of their music from Spotify. I was heartbroken; thankfully all of their music is still available to download on Bandcamp.

That experience helped me decide to put my music back up on Spotify. Prior to the 9-5 life, I didn't have the money to spend on hosting my music on there. I don't make enough money to break even to host it up there, but I understand it's much easier to listen to music on a streaming service than download from Bandcamp. I'm thankful I have a job that gives me the means to afford it now. Music is such an expensive hobby.

Carrie Ryan