Grateful | Music Recommendation - The Staves

This past year has been a big year for personal growth. Most notably, I became a developer and I've been in love with the job ever since. We started a new project at work the other day and it's made me realize something-- some of us need to be making things all the time to feel grounded. I didn't fully grasp how integral creativity was to my life until last year, when I started devoting the majority of my time building and finessing websites and apps. I no longer feel lost; I feel satisfied.

I'm really lucky to have found this career path. It's not only given me stability, but I have a renewed excitement to make art. I no longer feel like I need to take on a new persona to fit into a career that doesn't allow me to be me. I started writing again; the last time I wrote a song was 3 years ago. I feel the most like me these past couple of days than I've felt these past few years. I can't wait to have enough material to record and share with you all.

Anyways, have you heard of The Staves? Because I'm obsessed. Their song "Make it Holy" is inspiring and, honestly, pretty similar to the sound I'm personally striving for in my music.

Here's a live version of "Make it Holy" for you to listen to. Personally, I think I'd up the vocals on this and tone down the guitar, but I know nothing about mixing so who I am to judge?



I'm still such a sucker for acoustic covers. I challenge you to find a bigger fan. My heart melted over The Staves' cover of Springsteen's "I'm on Fire". I'm also totally smitten with their "cool French girl" look. I'm all about this band. How do I join? I will sing backup, or even just play tambourine.

Carrie Ryan