I Miss the Early Days of YouTube

My boyfriend is a creative like me. He always has to be tinkering, whether it be with his woodworking, his 3D printer, his drums. And, if you're creative like us, you know part of the fun when you make something is sharing it with others.

We've been talking a lot about social media, and all of the drama going on with Facebook. I'm starting to wonder if it's worth having a Facebook account anymore, especially after realizing how unprotected my privacy is on the platform and how much of my life is documented on there. When I give so much of my time and attention to something, I'd like to know that the settings I put in place to protect my privacy are being honored. Also, I'd like to know if it's influencing the way I perceive reality. Is that too much to ask?

Personally, I've noticed a shift in my behavior on Facebook. I scroll and scroll through my feed but rarely share or engage with content on there. If I do share content, it's not my own. It's a link to an article or video. I feel like scrolling is a never-ending scavenger hunt for personal human connection. My Facebook friends do the same-- no more life updates, only links to content. Lately, there are only 3 things I use Facebook for: 1.) Stay up-to-date with my dance community, 2.) Post to my own music page when I feel inclined, and 3.) Find fun events to go to around Cleveland. These are the only reasons I continue to have an account.

The only social media I regularly use anymore is Instagram. I love that my friends post regularly and are posting their own personal content. I love that the "famous" accounts I choose to follow are posting content rather than trying to sell me something. It feels more like a community than Facebook does. But here's the thing...

I have no idea where my creativity belongs online anymore. I miss the early days of YouTube, where the algorithms were chintzy and easy to manipulate. Where you could post a Video Response to a famous musician's music video to attract fans. Where I was able to easily gain 50,000 views on a cover song. But it's not like that anymore. The algorithms are nearly impossible to figure out; the last video I posted on YouTube hasn't even broken 1,000 views. I recorded it over 2 years ago.

Does anyone even go on YouTube for music anymore? It seems like the platform is now used for tutorials and reaction videos. I feel like every social media platform is the same way, as in each one has it's "specialty" in the content it provides. Facebook is all about sharing 3rd-party content; Instagram is about being personal and documenting your life; Twitter is for witty comments; SnapChat provides a safe space to be silly with friends.

Even if you go on YouTube for things other than tutorials and reaction videos, it's still a visual platform, and I don't feel as though cover song videos are exciting enough to keep your attention. Plus, honestly, ya girl is kind of camera shy and feels super awkward in front of the camera.

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to "preview" content on other sites, which makes me feel like they are still great resources for creatives. I can give you a little taste of what I've made and a link to check out the full piece if you really like it. But where should that content come from, my website? YouTube? Soundcloud?

I want your feedback. I want to know...

  • Where do you go to find new music?
  • What social media do you find yourself using most? Why?
  • Are you craving a more personal form of social media like I am? Would you give anything to get back your chronological timeline?

I want to connect and share quality content with you all the best way I can without spamming you. I want to make sure that you can easily access my art when you want it. Email me or leave  a note in the comments. I want to know your thoughts.