One of my biggest struggles as a musician is accepting the identity as a singer-songwriter. I've always felt that my sound needs to be bigger, more flashy, more dynamic. Vocals and a guitar have never seemed like enough. 

I once had someone tell me that they fell asleep while listening to my music... I think she meant it as a compliment. The more and more I play with different styles, the more I am drawn back to simplicity. This was the first album I released where I didn't feel shame for making something minimalistic.

Misplaced Judgment Misspent Youth

By far the hardest and most emotionally draining album I've written. I wrote these songs while recovering from a sexual assault. I was 20, scared and ashamed, and I wasn't ready to talk about it with anyone. So I sang about it instead.

I remember having the hardest time staying on schedule for this album. I would avoid writing because it would force me to think about what was happening and deal with my feelings. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Looking back, I think this album was a really important piece to my recovery. It gave me a voice when I was too scared to talk.


This Year

I went into this album wanting to create something upbeat. I wanted to break away from the slow, singer-songwriter ballads and try to do something more country and pop. These songs are some of my favorite to play live. They're light-hearted and much less personal than other albums.


This Road

This is my very first album that I wrote in high school. I'm super proud of this one. It has reached so many people and came from this place of so much determination. As a senior in high school, I was determined to put my own music out on the Internet and try to become a rock star. Fame never happened, but writing and recording so many songs at one time felt like a huge accomplishment.


In Georgia

I don't really have much to say about this album. I really love this title track off this. The guitar and melody worked really well together and it still runs through my head from time to time.