"Between the World and Black Thought" - A Connection

NPR recently released a sit-down interview with Black Thought that is so unbelievably insightful and well worth a watch. I really connected with the beginning of the video, where Black Thought talks about how his music has matured and how he's grown as an artist. How his music has a new lyrical depth than what he was making at 20 years old. 

Black Thought is the voice of reason I needed to hear. I'm 25; I know that's not "old," but I've been making music now for more than 10 years. I wonder if I'm relevant enough to make music anymore, if anyone still cares to hear it. I don't want to write like a pop singer anymore; I don't feel connected to my naive teenage self. Now that my perspective has changed, will I still connect to my audience?

This interview, though, has made me realize that all of these thoughts are self-conscious anxieties holding me back as a creative person. I think about all of the artists that I've enjoyed experiencing as their craft has matured. I think about the pop singers I couldn't stand early in their careers, but whose current music interests me. And then I think I'm 25, and that's pretty fucking young. Anyways, here's the video. You should watch.


Carrie Ryan